Easy Installation and Complete Package

For quick installation, Bestek can assemble Ball Screw End Supports to your ball screw. With precision angular contact bearings sealed in a durable steel housing, these supports provide high axial rigidity required for ball screw and custom screw applications. Contact Us.
Features: Available For:
  High Accuracy
  Easy to Apply
Custom Assemblies
To eliminate the cost and complexity of sub assembly, component alignment and design configuration, Bestek offers ball screw assemblies complete with machined ends, bearing supports, screw, nut and flange for your convenience.
Universal Mount
Universal-mount bearing supports have two precision mounting surfaces. Mounting holes are pre-drilled for face or foot mounting.
Flange Mount
Flange-mount bearing supports have a compact envelope and a precision pilot diameter and flange face for accurate alignment. In addition to through-hole installation, mounting holes are sized to be tapped. Flange-Mount piloted mounting surface can be oriented toward or away from the drive end.
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