From 8mm to 80mm

We can custom-design any ball screws to fit your requirments. Ballscrew assembly consists of a screw with a precision ground or rolled helical groove, a nut (the outer race) with an internal groove, and a circuit of precision steel balls that recirculate in the grooves between the screw and nut. This anti-friction design converts torque to thrust as either the screw or nut turns and the other component moves in a linear direction. Contact Us.
Features: Available For:
  Smooth Operation
  High Reliability
  High Rigidity
  Custom Design
  Custom Ballscrews
Particularly suitable for applications where smoothness of run at low loads and speeds is a major requirement
Conduits ideal for pumping coolant to cutting tools or capacity to run wires
Space-saving ballscrews telescope to two, three, four and five times their length
Rotating Nut
Designed for high speed applications, the rotating nut ballscrew's unique design eliminates critical speeds that limit traverse rates
Super High Precision
Custom, super high precision is achieved by employing the latest technology available
High Capacity Miniature
Suitable for push-pull mechanisms in consumer products as well as manufacturing and processing equipment in all industries
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